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Growth and Culture

When you join the team at Rock Bottom, you are joining the CraftWorks Family. With nearly 200 restaurants and 12 unique brands, we are the largest Craft Beer and Brewery Restaurant group in the United States. This opens up unlimited opportunities for our Team Members. Managers and Team Members are trained on core principals and systems that are prevalent throughout CraftWorks. With this foundation, it is easy to transfer and advance throughout our company no matter the brand or location.

Like other unique brands in the Craftworks family, Rock Bottom contributes to the overall diversity, creativity and success of our company. While each brand has its own look, feel, style and identity, they all work to satisfy the same mission.

That mission is taking care of every guest, while focusing on a driving performance to be top in the industry. We accomplish this by greeting anyone that walks through any of our doors, regulars or first-timers, locals or out-of-towners, hop-sniffing connoisseurs or craft beer newbies, and ensuring guests get world class hospitality and top-notch guest service every single time. It's not only our way of saying "thank you" to our guests, but also our way of celebrating the professionalism of our team members and adding value to our communities.

Consistent hospitality and service are a must, but a great restaurant experience requires great food and beer. To this end, we've adopted a commitment to freshness from our Brewers and our Chefs. Our statement of “Local Brewer. Local Chef. One Roof.” is more than a tagline, it is a way of life. This means we start with the best ingredients, then create satisfying, surprising, delicious food and beer in each of our restaurants.

These ideals help our restaurants create an energy, atmosphere and experience for our guests that is so engaging, they have to come back again, hopefully with new friends.

Out of gratitude for being able to pursue our goals and mission, we give back to our communities via our company's philanthropic division, the CraftWorks Foundation. Our Team Members engage in the service of the community inside and outside the four walls of the restaurant. Learn more at the following links:

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