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Our Story

Like most great ideas, Rock Bottom started out as a simple thought; create the best place for friends to share a beer and a bite. With that simple directive, Frank Day opened the first Rock Bottom in the heart of downtown Denver. Fast forward twenty plus years and you will find Rock Bottom in 19 locations (and counting) with over 700 original brews and more than 125 of the industry's most esteemed medals and awards to the Rock Bottom name.

Despite the rapid growth and amazing success, Rock Bottom still abides by that first simple idea about sharing good times with good friends through good beer. We believe in the idea of having a Local Brewer, Local Chef, all Under One Roof.

The Rock Bottom vision starts with a great team. We help our restaurants see this vision by empowering our people to take care of their Guests, while having fun and producing a made-from-scratch product. In order to achieve Frank Day's vision and our mission, we will conduct our business with it in mind that our people come first. Whether you are a team member, manager or guest, we cannot do business without you!

Management Training

At Rock Bottom we realize that training is integral to our success. This is why every new Team Member whether hourly, management, or corporate can expect intense, interactive, and individually focused training. We cannot become a guest first culture without first investing in training across the board.

We tailor your training based on your role, lasting anywhere between 5-8 weeks. Through a combination of Front-of-the-House and Back-of-the-House training, we feel you will be ready to take on the role of manager with us very quickly and successfully!

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