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Crisp & Refreshing

IBU 20
OG 10.5
ABV 4.5

Bottoms Up

Kölsch-style Ale. Straw-colored, light-bodied, and refreshing with a delicate balance of soft malt sweetness and floral hop character. Available year-round.
16 oz. $6 | 10 oz. $4.5

IBU 20
OG 12.0
ABV 5.1

Buddy Mountain

Munich Helles Lager. Light-bodied and golden-colored, this malty German-style lager boasts a crackery, honey malt sweetness balanced by an underlying floral hop character and a smooth, dry finish.
16 oz. $6.75 | 10 oz. $5.5

OG 11.5
ABV 6.0


Hard Seltzer. Fermented hard seltzer brewed in-house and infused with essence of tangerine for a fizzy, refreshing low-cal, low-gluten option.

Fruit & Spice

IBU 25
OG 13.5
ABV 6.0

Disco Nap

Blonde Ale. Aromatics of summer stone fruit, bubblegum, and spice with a floral, citrus, berry hop balance and a slight nutty Spelt malt character. Sunshine-colored and light-bodied.
16 oz. $6 | 10 oz. $4.5

IBU 20
OG 12.5
ABV 5.3

New Boot Goofin'

American Hefeweizen. Banana, vanilla, and subtle clove yeast character balanced by fresh hop aromatics of melon, lime citrus, herbal tea, and tropical fruit.
16 oz. $6 | 10 oz. $4.5

OG 8.5
ABV 3.5


White Peach Kettle Tart. Ultra-light-bodied, brewed white wheat, rolled oats, and white peach purée. Refreshingly tart and peach-a-licious with a dry finish.
16 oz. $6.75 | 10 oz. $5.5


IBU 30
OG 19.5
ABV 7.3


Hazy I.P.A. Golden colored, opaque New England-style I.P.A. with a super-fruity hop aroma consisting of orange/grapefruit citrus, tropical fruit, and melon with low bitterness and full body. Finishes sweet with flavors of fresh squeezed orange juice and honeydew.
16 oz. $6.75 | 10 oz. $5.5

IBU 60
OG 14.5
ABV 6.5

Jimmy Legs

American I.P.A. Our House IPA is bursting with pineapple, citrus aromatics with a firm bitterness and orange/melon hop flavor. Light-bodied with a light malt sweetness. Available year-round.
16 oz. $6.25 | 10 oz. $5

IBU 97
OG 18.5
ABV 8.5


Double India Red Ale. A ferocious onslaught of bright grapefruit citrus and pine hop aromatics with an aggressive bitterness and bold citrus hop flavor. Light-bodied and deep copper in color with a light malt balance.
16 oz. $6.75 | 10 oz. $5.5


IBU 27
OG 13.5
ABV 5.5

Crimson P.A.

English-style E.S.B. This ruby-colored Extra Special Bitter has a rich malt profile of caramel and toffee, balanced by an earthy, apricot hop presence. Medium-bodied and perfect to compliment fish & chips or a burger.
16 oz. $6 | 10 oz. $4.5

Roasty & Dark

IBU 33
OG 14.5
ABV 5.7

Devil's Thumb

Double Chocolate Porter. Medium-bodied, American-style Porter with notes of semi-sweet chocolate, light roasted coffee, raisin, and toffee with a subtle, fruity hop balance. Perfect with a chocolate dessert!
16 oz. $6.25 | 10 oz. $5

Small Batch Beers

IBU 33
OG 14.5
ABV 5.7

Coffee Infused Double Chocolate Porter

Double Chocolate Porter infused with dark roasted coffee from Island Roasters in NSB. Aromatics of roasted coffee, chocolate, and raisin with a medium body and floral hop balance.

Specialty High ABV

IBU 17
OG 19.0
ABV 9.5

Wicked Elf

Belgian-style Tripel. Complex aromatics of orange citrus, stone fruit, and bubblegum elegantly balanced by a soft malt sweetness, light body, floral hop balance, and slight alcohol warmth. 25 cents of each beer sold until December 27th will benefit Toys for Tots.
13 oz. $7

Barrel Aged

IBU 40
OG 23.0
ABV 12.0

B.A. ChocoHammer

Bourbon Barrel Aged American-style Barleywine. Brewed with cacao and fresh Florida orange zest and aged 14 months in Woodford Reserve Double Oak bourbon barrels. Rich dulcé de leche caramel sweetness with notes of semi-sweet chocolate, orange, toasted coconut, oak, and bourbon. Full-bodied and warming with a light, tropical hop aroma.
10 oz. $7 | 4 oz. $3.5
** Not available at Happy Hour pricing