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Crisp & Refreshing

IBU 20
OG 10.5
ABV 4.5

Bottoms Up

Kölsch-style Ale. Straw-colored, light-bodied, and refreshing with a delicate balance of soft malt sweetness and floral hop character. Available year-round.
16 oz. $6 | 10 oz. $4.5

OG 11.5
ABV 6.0


Orange Cream Hard Seltzer. Fermented hard seltzer brewed in-house and infused with essence of orange cream for a fizzy, refreshing low-cal, low-gluten option.
16 oz. $6.75 | 10 oz. $5.5

IBU 15
OG 9.0
ABV 3.8

Unfrozen Caveman Lager

Light Lager. Low calorie lager brewed with toasted rice for a dry finish and German hops for a grassy, floral balance. Light-bodied and thirst-quenching.
16 oz. $6.75 | 10 oz. $5.5

Fruit & Spice

IBU 12
OG 11.5
ABV 4.8

El Hefe

Bavarian-style Hefeweizen. Notes of ripe banana, clove, and subtle vanilla take the forefront in this light-bodied wheat ale. Served unfiltered for a hazy, opaque appearance.
16 oz. $6 | 10 oz. $4.5

OG 8.5
ABV 3.5


White Peach Kettle Tart. Ultra-light-bodied, brewed white wheat, rolled oats, and white peach purée. Refreshingly tart and peach-a-licious with a dry finish.
16 oz. $6.75 | 10 oz. $5.5


IBU 15
OG 18.5
ABV 7.5


Hazy IPA. Opaque, hazy appearance with an mèlange of ripe citrus and tropical fruit hop aromatics. Super-low bitterness and light lemon/orange hop flavor with a slight residual sweetness.
16 oz. $6.75 | 10 oz. $5.5

IBU 60
OG 14.5
ABV 6.5

Jimmy Legs

American I.P.A. Our House IPA is bursting with pineapple, citrus aromatics with a firm bitterness and orange/melon hop flavor. Light-bodied with a light malt sweetness. Available year-round.
16 oz. $6.25 | 10 oz. $5

IBU 80
OG 13.5
ABV 5.8

Love Tractor

West Coast I.P.A. Sunshine-colored with massive hop aromatics of grapefruit citrus and tropical fruit. Clean, aggressive bitterness with a bold piney, citrus hop flavor.
16 oz. $6.25 | 10 oz. $5


IBU 30
OG 13.5
ABV 5.7

Fire Chief Ale

Oatmeal Red Ale. Medium-bodied with a silky mouthfeel and sweetness from the generous use of rolled oats. Malt flavors of caramel, oatmeal, and toast, balanced by subtle floral, peach hop character.
10oz. $5.50 | 16oz. $6.75

Roasty & Dark

IBU 70
OG 17.0
ABV 7.0


American-style Stout. Big roasted, coffee malt character with a punch of citrusy, piney American hops. Full-bodied with subtle notes of dark chocolate and a dry-roasted bitterness.
16 oz. $6.25 | 10 oz. $5

Specialty High ABV

IBU 50
OG 22.0
ABV 9.5

Cloud Nine and a Half

WheatWine. Rich, chewy mouthfeel with a big caramel sweetness balanced by subtle tropical fruit hop notes. Full-bodied and warming, it makes a perfect dessert beer.
13 oz. $6.75

IBU 17
OG 19.0
ABV 9.5

Wicked Winter

Belgian-style Tripel. Complex aromatics of orange citrus, stone fruit, and bubblegum elegantly balanced by a soft malt sweetness, light body, floral hop balance, and slight alcohol warmth.
13 oz. $7

Barrel Aged

IBU 25
OG 20.5
ABV 9.5

B.A. Naughty Scot

Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy. Scottish-style Ale aged ten months in Basil Hayden bourbon barrels. Rich toffee, raisin malt character with notes of vanilla, oak, bourbon, and dark fruit. Full-bodied with a slight alcohol warmth.
**not available at Happy Hour pricing
10 oz. $7 | 4 oz. $3.5