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Crisp & Refreshing

IBU 28
OG 13.8
ABV 6.0

Big Morty

Dortmunder styled unfiltered lager, or zwickle-bier. Golden in color and medium bodied. Finishes with an herbal and floral hop accent.

IBU 20
OG 10.3
ABV 4.5

Bottom's Up

Our Kolsch style ale is light and crisp with subtle fruit notes and an easy floral hop flavor.

Fruit & Spice

IBU 12
OG 12.2
ABV 5.4

Full Circle

Brewed to commemorate our opening anniversary. This unfiltered, American style wheat is a crisp, flavorful ale finished with honey, lime, and ginger.

IBU 10
OG 16.4
ABV 5.6

Liquid Sun

This unfiltered, Belgian styled wheat ale finishes with hints of orange zest, fruit, and clove. Parsimonious additions of hops render this ale super drinkable and thirst quenching.


IBU 65
OG 15.5
ABV 6.9

Grapefruit SOL

Our house IPA, South of the Line, infused with grapefruit zest. The zing of citrus makes this hoppy favorite an extra fruity delight.

IBU 34
OG 16.2
ABV 7.5

Rip van Hipster

Rise and shine! This Milkshake IPA will pull you out of your slumber. Low bitterness, back sweetness, fruit punchy hops flavors and aromas, combined with an addition of 10 lbs. of strawberries per barrel, deliver this eye opening, flavorful beer.

IBU 55
OG 20.5
ABV 9.5


Raise a little of this Double IPA! This strong and hoppy brew combines Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial varietals for a hop wallop experience.

IBU 65
OG 15.5
ABV 6.9

South of the Line

Light caramel malt and copious amounts of Citra hops come together in this crisp, flavorful, hop forward IPA.


IBU 30
OG 13.6
ABV 5.5

Flatbed Red

An easy drinking, flavorful ale. Deep amber in color and medium bodied. A hint of citrus is contributed by U.S. grown Goldings hops.

IBU 30
OG 13.2
ABV 5.6

Woolly Bear

American styled Brown Ale. Notes of toast and cocoa are balanced by a hint of citrus hop flavor and aroma.

Roasty & Dark

IBU 30
OG 16.0
ABV 6.4

10 O'Clock Scholar

A traditional English style Porter. This full bodied, dark, robust ale delivers notes of chocolate and hints of roast.

IBU 30
OG 16.8
ABV 6.5

Vespa Valet

Coffee infused dark ale brewed in collaboration with Bearded Man Coffee, in Sedalia, CO.. Our Oatmeal Stout and BMC Chinstrap roast come together to create this delicious, coffee forward, eye-opening brew.


IBU 10
OG 13.0
ABV 5.4

Sweet Nothing

Kettle soured ale conditioned with over 24 pounds of Raspberries per barrel. Fruit sweetness and a tart finish makes this ale deliciously refreshing.


IBU 35
OG 21.1
ABV 9.1

Foggy Notion

Strong, Belgian styled amber ale. Underpinnings of fruit and spice combine with malt sweetness and hints of spirit. A soulful and satisfying sipping pleasure.

Guest Ciders

ABV 5.5


A semi-sweet cider with rich floral apple blossom aromas. Locally produced at the C Squared Cider Company.

ABV 6.5


Crisp, dry, traditionally crafted cider from the Colorado Cider Company