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Crisp & Refreshing

IBU 23
OG 11.0
ABV 5.0

* Bottom's Up Kolsch

Crisp, German style light ale. 2018 Illinois Beer Competition Silver Medal Winner

IBU 15
OG 9.0
ABV 4.0

* Orland Park Lite

American style light lager. Silver medal 2017 I.S.F. Brewer's Cup Silver Medal winner.

IBU 39
OG 11.5
ABV 5.1

Lemondrop Pilsner

Dry-hopped Pilsner with a very distinct lemon citrus aroma and flavor.

IBU 27
OG 12.4
ABV 5.4

Line Drive Lager

Malt forward Munich style Helles.

Fruit & Spice

IBU 24
OG 12.0
ABV 5.1

* L.G. Wheat

American Wheat brewed with lemondrop hops and spiced with lemongrass and lemon peel.

IBU 17
OG 11.4
ABV 5.0

Apricot Tart

Belgian Wit blended with kettle sour and Apricots

IBU 17
OG 11.4
ABV 5.0

Blueberry Tart

Belgian Wit kettle sour blend infused with Blueberries

IBU 18
OG 9.0
ABV 4.0

RB's Rockin' Radler

Grapefruit & Orange Summer Shandy.


IBU 50
OG 14.0
ABV 6.5

* La Grange IPA

A citrus, fruity blend of Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Simcoe hops with a balance of light caramel malt.

IBU 40
OG 14.3
ABV 6.3

Crank 2, Rye Voltage IPA

Fruity, spicy NE Style Rye IPA

IBU 60
OG 14.7
ABV 6.9

First Timer IPA

Andy's recipe and brewed as part of an IPA comparison experiment by the Chicago Area Rock Bottom brewers. One of the comparison styles is also available. Ask your server for which one.

IBU 55
OG 16.1
ABV 7.1

Hop Bomb IPA

Over 4lbs per barrel of hops make this a true Hop Bomb!!


IBU 22
OG 12.8
ABV 5.5

* Erik the Red

2008 GABF Bronze medal. Irish style Red Caramel malt, subtle lemon pepper hops and a smooth finish.

IBU 22
OG 13.5
ABV 5.9

* Lumpy Dog Brown

Brown Porter with toffee and chocolate malt flavors.

IBU 23
OG 18.2
ABV 7.1


Malty, full-bodied German style Doppelbock.

Roasty & Dark

IBU 48
OG 14.5
ABV 5.4

* Rye Stout

Spicy rye meets roasty and dark with earthy and herbal hops.

IBU 30
OG 17.2
ABV 6.6

The Hammer

Full-bodied Baltic Porter. Malty with notes of chocolate and dark fruit.

Small Batch Beers

IBU 31
OG 21.5
ABV 10.1


After numerous requests our Belgian tripel returns after 4 years.

IBU 59
OG 21.5
ABV 10.0


Totally Hop Excessive Mother Of All Beers......Imperial NE style IPA. Over 10lbs of hops per barrel!

IBU 34
OG 18.5
ABV 8.5

Wicked Elf

Malty Belgian Bierre de Noel with fruity, spicy flavor and aroma.

Barrel Aged

IBU 45
OG 22.8
ABV 12.0

Barrel Aged Black Hawk

Aged for 11 months in a Makers Mark Barrel. Rich, full-bodied Imperial Stout with oak, vanilla and bourbon notes.