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Crisp & Refreshing

IBU 27
OG 11.9
ABV 4.8

Sunny Day

K├Âlsch-Style Ale: A subtle honey and grainy sweetness, followed by a crisp lemongrass and spicy hop finish

Fruit & Spice

IBU 17
OG 11.4
ABV 4.7

Dim Wit

Belgian White Ale: Coriander, orange peel, and a subtle banana and bubblegum sweetness


IBU 70
OG 19.7
ABV 9.1

23rd Anniversary Ale

Imperial Red Ale: Fruity, piney, herbaceous, and citrus hops are balanced by a strong malt backbone

IBU 65
OG 15.1
ABV 6.4

First Timer IPA

IPA: Tropical fruit flavors of pineapple, mango, and citrus leads into a soft pine and spicy hop finish

IBU 60
OG 13.5
ABV 6.1

Lost Mitten

White IPA: Spicy and fruity Belgian flavors pair up with citrus and tropical fruit hops

IBU 66
OG 13.9
ABV 6.1

Nid Tipply

Winter Rye PA: Vibrant orange and pineapple fruitiness balances the rye bread malts

IBU 68
OG 15.6
ABV 6.7

Puddle Hopper

American IPA: Citra, Centennial, and Chinook hops give bold flavors of grapefruit, tropical fruits, pine, and citrus


IBU 27
OG 12.6
ABV 5.2

Urban Lumberjack

Red Ale: Caramels, toffees, bread, and dark fruit flavors

Roasty & Dark

IBU 30
OG 14.4
ABV 6.1

Maltnomah Porter

Robust Porter: Pronounced chocolate flavors, with an underlying roast, caramel sweetness, and a medium body

IBU 30
OG 14.4
ABV 6.1


Horchata infused Porter: Sweet vanilla and cinnamon forefront is complimented by a creamy chocolate base

IBU 45
OG 29.3
ABV 11.7

Shaky Bullet

Russian Imperial Stout infused with Dapper & Wise coffee: Sweet coffee roast and dark fruits pair with the molasses, chocolate, and licorice flavors

IBU 45
OG 29.3
ABV 11.7

The Great Comet

Imperial Stout: Flavors of chocolate fudge, maple, licorice, vanilla, molasses and a hint of black cherries

Barrel Aged

IBU 38
OG 29.0
ABV 12.2

Gypsy Lovers

Imperial Stout aged on Rye Whiskey: Spicy rye, vanilla, & dry oak flavors from the barrel; chocolate, licorice & maple from the beer


IBU 30
OG 20.8
ABV 9.6

Wicked Elf

Belgian Strong Dark Ale spiced with cardamom & orange peel: Flavors of figs, spiced gum drops, & banana bread

Casks Conditioned

IBU 68
OG 15.6
ABV 6.7

Earl Grey IPA

Puddle Hopper IPA infused with Earl Grey tea