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Crisp & Refreshing

IBU 18
OG 11.5
ABV 5.4

Donzerly Lite Kolsch

An American version of a classic light German ale, our Kolsch features a touch of German Perle hop character with a bit of bready vienna malt on the finish.

IBU 16
OG 12.0
ABV 5.6

Liquid Sun

American wheat beer with a hint of citrus and caramel. Finishes with a clean herbal undertone.


IBU 43
OG 13.7
ABV 6.3

Cool WhIPA

Beautifully balanced Wheat IPA. Bready body with a wonderful citrus-grapefruit finish. Very refreshing on a hot day.

IBU 50
OG 14.0
ABV 6.4

Fine Bine IPA

Hops grow on bines, not vines, and we source from only the finest bines for this nicely balanced IPA. Hop-bursted late and dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Meridian.

IBU 20
OG 11.1
ABV 5.9

Tootie Bruuti IPA

Dry body, almost champagne-like, crisp, floral, lemon, tangerine, and apricot flavors come through from the Lemondrop, Mosiac and Amarillo hops used in this unique style.


IBU 20
OG 12.6
ABV 5.2

Lamberjack Amber Ale

Sweet, caramel, and roasty amber ale with a medium-light body to allow for easy drinking no matter the weather.

IBU 23
OG 13.5
ABV 5.5

Temple Lane Red Ale

This Red ale features a deep, harmonious, and satisfying blend of crystal, caramel, and roasted malts with a restrained, spicy hop presence.

Pints for a Purpose

IBU 60
OG 15.2
ABV 6.4

Black Hole Sun IPA

Bold and roasty, heavier-bodied Black IPA with a very citrus forward hop profile.

Roasty & Dark

IBU 25
OG 14.0
ABV 6.0

Grounded Express Coffee Stout

A dry-dark stout, cold steeped on the best of Lamplighter coffee grounds to keep you truckin'!

IBU 28
OG 17.9
ABV 7.5

Iron Horse Stout

Sweet stout that has rich chocolate notes up front and progresses to bold roasty notes on the finish.


IBU 18
OG 18.1
ABV 7.6

Wicked Elf Belgian Strong

This hand-crafted ale was brewed to be enjoyed when its cold outside. Belgian strong ale with a nice balance of spice and fruit flavors from the Belgian yeast. Medium bodied with hints of caramel, plums, stone fruit, and raisins.

Small Batch Beers

IBU 25
OG 14.0
ABV 6.0

Coffee Cake Stout

Our signature Grounded Express Coffee Stout infused with natural extracts to taste like a holiday coffee cake!

IBU 15
OG 21.1
ABV 8.6

Juicy IPA

Heavy melon up front with a tropical mango citrus finish