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Crisp & Refreshing

IBU 22
OG 11.2
ABV 5.1


Our Kolsch-style ale is light and crisp with subtle fruit notes and an easy floral hop flavor. 2019 IL Beer Fest Competition Silver Medal Winner. 10oz. $3.75 | 16oz. $5.75

IBU 31
OG 10.8
ABV 5.0


"Italian-style" Pilsner with a balanced citrus, herbal, and spicy hop flavor. 10oz. $4.50 | 16oz. $6.00

IBU 15
OG 9.2
ABV 4.2

Warrenville Light

Light lager brewed exclusively with pilsner malt, and the perfect touch of hops. 10oz. $3.75 | 16oz. $5.75

Fruit & Spice

OG 13.0
ABV 6.3

Berry Lavender Lemonade Sour

Sour ale with lavender, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and lemon. 16oz. $6.25

IBU 12
OG 12.5
ABV 5.6


A traditional unfiltered Bavarian (Southern German) style wheat beer. It's full bodied and its yeast imparts notes of fruit and spice (banana and clove overtones). 10oz. $4.00 | 16oz. $5.75

IBU 47
OG 17.5
ABV 8.1


Belgian Pale Strong Ale; Complex malt and fruity yeast flavors are balanced with herbal and floral hops. A deceptively drinkable strong ale. 13oz. $6.75


IBU 45
OG 18.5
ABV 9.0

Calypso Double IPA

Double IPA brewed with the new Calypso Hop! Pineapple upfront, with pear on the end. 13oz. $7.00

IBU 50
OG 15.0
ABV 6.8


A crisp, clean all Mosaic hopped IPA. 10oz. $4.50 | 16oz. $6.00

IBU 55
OG 15.3
ABV 6.7


English IPA; Inspired by 'The Only Band That Matters', this IPA uses classic English malts and a blend of American and English hops. A Clash of caramel, biscuit, floral, and citrus flavors come together in this tour de force. 10oz. $4.75 | 16oz. $6.25


IBU 30
OG 13.5
ABV 5.6


Amber in color with a rich malt profile, caramel like sweetness and a balanced hop finish. 10oz. $4.00 | 16oz. $5.75

IBU 22
OG 13.2
ABV 5.6

Summer Red Ale

Irish red ale with caramel and toffee malt flavors, balanced by moderate hop aroma. 10oz. $4.75 | 16oz. $6.25

Roasty & Dark

IBU 18
OG 11.2
ABV 4.9

Candy Bar Brown Ale

*contains peanuts* Inspired by America's top selling candy bar. This beer is brewed with milk chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. 10oz. $4.50 | 16oz. $6.00

IBU 50
OG 15.1
ABV 6.5


American Brown Ale; This one has a nice chocolate wheat backbone and is hopped with Centennial and Simcoe for an earthy and piney finish. 10oz. $4.75 | 16oz. $6.25

IBU 32
OG 15.1
ABV 6.0


Export Stout; An Irish style stout brewed to go the distance! Roasted barley is the prizefighter in this approachable yet sturdy ale. Malty chocolate flavors with a roasty finish. 10oz. $4.75 | 16oz. $6.25

Barrel Aged

IBU 75
OG 22.0
ABV 12.0


American Barleywine aged for 6 months in Buffalo trace bourbon barrels. 13oz. $7.00