Rock Rewards


That's right. We said it backwards. Welcome to Rock Bottom.

  • Do I need to show my Rock Rewards card every time I visit Rock Bottom?

You must provide your account information at the time you check out to receive credit for your visit. Simply present your Rock Rewards card or your registered phone number (if you registered without a card) to your server each time you check out.

  • How do I join the Rock Rewards Program?

Simply visit your nearest Rock Bottom to receive a Rock Rewards card. After you receive your card register and complete the process. Don’t have a card? Visit to create an account and you can use your registered phone number when you visit to earn rewards.

  • Can I join the Rock Rewards Program through the website?

Yes you can. Visit to create an account. If you did not get a card during your last visit, you will use your registered phone number to earn credit. You can also register via our mobile app available in both the Apple and Android stores

  • Is my $10 Welcome reward stored on my Rock Rewards card?

Yes! Such is the magic of cyberspace. As soon as you complete your Rock Rewards registration and have one visit associated with your account, ten virtual bucks appear in your Rock Rewards account, good for ten actual dollars worth of deliciousness at your local Rock Bottom. Don't rest on those laurels, though: your $10 Welcome Reward expires after thirty days.

  • How do I access my account online?

Go to to login to your Rock Rewards Account. Gaze with excitement at your point balance, Rock Rewards you've already earned and points needed until your next Rock Reward. You can also access your account via our mobile app available in both the Apple and Android stores. You can even earn bonus points in the mobile app.

  • Ehrmagard! I forgot my card and didn't give my server my account info? How do I get my points?!?!?!

Just snap a photo of your receipt and email it to along with your Rock Rewards card number. We’ll send you an email once the points have been added to your account.

  • Do Rock Rewards points expire?

Rock Rewards Points expire after 12 months of inactivity.

  • Do my rewards and/or offers expire?

Yes. Earned rewards and offers expire thirty days, unless otherwise noted, from the date the offer was earned. For example, if your accrued points entitled you to a $10 off, that offer will expire 30 calendar days from the date you earned the offer.

  • I lost my Rock Rewards card, can I get another one?

You do not need a card to participate in Rock Rewards. You can use your registered phone number to earn credit. However, if you like to keep a card on hand, ask your server to set you up with a new card on your next visit.

  • How can I join the Mug Club?

The clever answer: just enjoy yourself. The specific answer: tally up 50 pints on your Rock Rewards and you're in.

  • My Mug Club Badge came off - how do I get a new one?

We got you, dog. Just show your server and (s)he will get you a new one, stat.

  • How do I earn Rock Rewards bonus points?

Reach one of our three visit milestones to earn bonus pointes for every dollar spent.

15 visits = 1.25 points/dollar spent (Monday – Friday)

30 visits = 1.5 points/dollar spent (Monday – Friday)

50 visits = 2 points/dollar spent (Monday – Friday)

Visits reset after 6 months on inactivity.

  • I visited an airport location. How do I get credit?

While our airport locations do not have the ability to accept the Rock Rewards program, you can still earn credit for your visit. We will even give you double points for your airport visits. Just shoot an e-mail to with a copy of your check, check total and Rock Rewards account information and we will add the credit for you.

If you have questions that are not answered in the above section, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help! Send us an email –